Roddy Rants: Tick Tock For Trouba

It’s just before noon on Sunday the 22nd of July, 2018 and Jetsville is at a stand-still. By this afternoon we will know what the decision is in Jacob Trouba’s arbitration hearing and at the moment Jets fans are waiting on pins and needles. While I’m here anxiously awaiting the news and refreshing my Twitter timeline every 3 seconds the bitter truth is the next two days will be very trying if you bleed Jets Blue. So as the fate of Jacob Trouba’s tenure as a Winnipeg Jet hangs in the balance, I have a couple of rants.

  1. As some Jets fans are getting their pitch forks ready, will people use them on Adam Lowry for the slight, but ever present overpay the Jets gave up when they signed him to his shiney new contract? You would think an upstanding “atta boy” Western Canadian kid would sign for the league minimum and a new snowmobile right?
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  3. Should things go sour for the Jets with Jacob Trouba, what was a clear strength a little while ago, will be a huge question mark. The right side of the defence looks a whole lot different without their number one RHD. The Jets would be left with an aging Dustin Byfuglien, Tyler Myers and the yet to be proven Tucker Poolman on the depth chart for right defence.
  4. The Minnesota Wild signed Matt Dumba ta 5 year $30 million contract this week. With 14 goals and 36 assists, Dumba had a career year with 50 points last season. Comparisons abound between Dumba and Trouba and there is no doubt that he has been more productive offensively than Trouba has been, but one can’t discount the very different roles they have with their respective teams. Dumba is clearly more of an offensive presence on the Wild, while Trouba is much better overall defensively and hasn’t been afforded productive power play time like Dumba has. What is similar between the two is their youth and importance to their respective clubs.
  5. Is there any Jet more representative of the team than Adam Lowry? Good soft spoken Western Canadian kid with a tough as nails former NHLer and current NHL assistant coach for a father and a hard nosed, lunch pail mentality on the ice. He is everything this town loves in their hockey players.
  6. Michael Hutchinson and Jenna Rae have finally tied the knot. Biggest concern is, as far as our followers are concerned, is where Jenna Rae and more importantly her cakes are going to reside Peg City or South Florida?
  7. Tiger Tiger Woods y’all!!!
  8. The Trouba arbitration hearing lasted over five hours and was described as a marathon. Can you imagine sitting in a room for over five hours and listening to why you’re not worth what you think you are and hearing what they think you’re actually worth. Or what we married men like to call Wednesday morning.
  9. Commiting to your youth and signing the prime talent you’ve drafted is what a draft and develop team is supposed to do right?
  10. How much would someone have to pay you to live in Saskatchewan for the next six years?

These have been my rants. Roddy out.

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