Yays & Nays 10: National Frustration

The Jets lost a frustrating one, losing 4-2 to the Leafs tonight, and luckily everyone saw it.

This was the first ever regular season game between two Canadian teams that was broadcast nationally in the United States, and they got a front row seat to the Jets’ recent trend of playing less than 60-minutes. It’s a rather short “Yays” section, so get ready for the vinegar once I get to these Nays.

Time to get salty.


– Nikolaj Ehlers had a decent night after having an absolute dismal start to the season. Ehlers finished up with just over 17 minutes of ice time, a goal, and eight shots on goal.

– I was tempted to not even include this as a Yay, but here we are. The Jets managed to show up in the third period after forgetting the game involves playing 40 minutes before that. However, they did make it somewhat enjoyable to watch in that third period.

– We didn’t lose 7-2 like the last time the Leafs visited town.

Let’s get negative, shall we?


– Let’s pick up where I just left off, I guess. In order to win consistently in this league, you have to put a full sixty-minute effort on the ice. This week, I can already name three games in which the Jets failed to do so. The Edmonton game, the St. Louis game, and tonight against Toronto.

– The Jets seem to struggle against anyone who can play with speed. They allow these teams to fly through the neutral zone with speed, which in turn gives them better opportunities for controlled zone entries.

– Contrary to the point above, teams have seemingly figured out that the Jets like to try that as well, and are now blocking up the blue line. I have yet to see an adjustment being made to combat this issue.

– I thought Connor Hellebuyck looked like he was fighting his own net tonight. It was as if he was concerned about losing his net, because he was playing incredibly deep in the crease all night.

Common Nays

– I still think Wheeler is way off from where he should be. Maurice may have said he’s “100%”, but I’m not buying it. Wheeler looks like he had surgery in the offseason, and he’s still trying to find his legs. As far as I know, there were no surgeries, so I have no idea what’s going on with him.

– Hey, guess what…. The third pairing is still bad even with a lineup change.


Do I really need to say it? Considering this might be the first time I’ve had more Nays than Yays, I can easily say this game is a Nay. The Jets need to clean up their full game efforts, and even then I’m worried about their inability to combat fast lineups.

Next Action: The Jets fly east to Detroit to take on the Red Wings this Friday. Puck drop is 6:30 CT.

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