Yays & Nays 12: This Seems Familiar

As the title suggests, we’ve been here before.

The Jets fell 3-1 to the Maple Leafs last night after carrying a 2-0 lead into the third period. It was a disappointed end to the season series between the two Canadian teams, with Toronto sweeping the Jets 2-0 within the last 4 days.

Let’s unpack this, I guess.


– I thought the start was better than the last few games. The Jets had seemingly made a habit of coming out flat.

– I thought the PP looked more dangerous last night. I’m not exactly sure what the Jets did differently, or if it was something Toronto didn’t do, but the Jets seemed to be able to set up shop quicker in the offensive zone.

– Andrew Copp made some pretty noticeable contributions on the PK, and I wanted to bring that up because I often find that he’s overlooked. I think he’s one of the more complete players in the bottom 6, and could do well with 1; more ice time with offensive players, and 2; some more time at center.

– Mark Freakin’ Scheifele.


– Let’s start with the obvious. Last night was another example of the Jets failing to provide sixty-minutes of effort. After 40, it seemed like the Jets were in pretty good position to close out that game in the third. Well, they didn’t, as you might have seen. This trend is continuously worrisome.

– I would appreciate some consistency with the lines for a bit. The blender is permanently on the bench, and nobody is safe (well, maybe except Wheeler and Scheifele joined at the hip).

– We found out that Ehlers still hasn’t figured out how to score on a breakaway.

Common Nays

– That third pairing is still rough, regardless of who plays with Myers.


I’m probably getting known as the “angry writer”, but apparently I always get the frustrating ones. It’s a simple formula: play sixty-minutes, have a better chance to win. Two games against the Leafs this week, two “Nays” for the Jets.

Next Action: The Jets head to Helsinki, Finland to take on Florida for two games, the first of which is on Thursday, November 1st. Puck drop is 1PM CT.

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